Construction Consultancy

Many construction companies also offer a consultancy side to help advise you on things that need to be done before starting any work. If you also have any questions they can be answered by a reliable and trustworthy company.

  • building and civil engineering
  • mechanical and electrical engineering
  • petro-chemical and offshore installations
  • heavy and process engineering
  • marine engineering and shipbuilding
  • structural engineering
  • nuclear engineering
  • production engineering

Most project claims are reviewed and assessed by contract personnel who have been closely involved with the scheme. Claims should be written with this in mind, but many we see drown in a sea of unsupported narrative and hyperbole, and provide unnecessarily complicated references to the law and legal cases.

We believe that the success of a claim, that is its speedy, amicable and acceptable resolution, depends very largely upon its preparation and presentation. It should be clear, readable, logically argued and substantiated by recorded facts. It must convey possibly complex issued in a manner that can be readily understood so that a clear conclusion can be reached.

Our team of experts

Our expertise is rooted in and enhanced by over two decades of experience of analysing hundreds of contract claims. Given our specialised knowledge and independent position we can often reach the core of a problem far more quickly than those who have been more closely or emotionally involved with the situation. We are able to identify possible options and, working closely with our client, provide commercially astute solutions. At a very early stage we will give an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the likely costs that will be incurred.

If negotiations are to be successful in bringing about a satisfactory commercial settlement of a claim, it is imperative that the negotiator understands the tactics and psychology involved. We have experienced negotiators trained in mediation and conciliation and we make every effort to avoid the escalation of a dispute.