Constructing a swimming pool

Do you fancy vamping your phone up and want to feel as if you are in the Mediterranean? Well the construction of a swimming pool can change the way your home feels instantly.

We specialise in the construction of swimming pools, both indoor and out. Based in the Midlands with over forty years experience we consider ourselves second to none. To learn more about our company, contact us.

Cant afford a homepool of your own why not build your own? Begin saving, but read our construction solutions.

How to maintain your pool

For advice, procedures and a how to guide of how to look after your pool yourself please see the hints and tips below.

Of course if you don’t have the time or you need a little more hands on advice we will be happy to come to you and either sign you up to one of our maintenance contract or take you through in detail how best to look after your pool.

  1. Backwashing the filter
  • Switch pool pump off’.
  • Ensure sump and skimmer valves are open.
  • Select ‘BACKWASH’ on Multiport Valve (MPV)
  • Switch pool pump ‘ON’.
  • Backwash until the sight glass or filter lid has cleared. (Typically 2 – 3 minutes)
  • Switch pump ‘OFF’.
  • Select ‘RINSE’ on MPV
  • Switch pump ‘ON’.
  • Rinse for approx. 10 – 20 Seconds.
  • Switch pump ‘off’
  • Select ‘FILTER’ on MPV.
  • Switch pump ‘ON’