Issued By
Cumbria County Council


Cumbria County Council Trading Standards Department is warning businesses to be on the lookout for letters from an internet naming company called Nodots, which include an unsolicited invoice for £499.

The Denmark-based company have been issuing letters to businesses which include an invoice and paying-in slip for five ‘Qnames’. Although the letter states that if the company does not want a Qname they should disregard the invoice, in some cases the invoice has arrived on its own, causing more confusion for the companies receiving them.

It is thought that around 300,000 letters have been sent out in the UK.

Phil Ashcroft, Head of Cumbria Trading Standards, said:

“Nodots is not doing anything illegal, but the inclusion of an invoice for £499 could cause
alarm among some companies, especially smaller businesses.

My advice is always to check invoices carefully before paying them. If you haven’t ordered
the service, then bin the invoice”.

To date Cumbria Trading Standards have received 29 enquiries from concerned businesses throughout the County.

Notes for Editors:

1. ‘Qnames’ allow internet users to find a company simply by typing in the company name or products, meaning information can be found without knowing the correct internet address or carrying out a search.

2. For more information on this press release, contact Pat Thomas at Cumbria Trading Standards, on 01539 773591.