Issued By
Durham County Council


Durham County Council's local food watchdogs are warning consumers, retailers and caterers to check their shelves for certain brands and batches of foods containing contaminated chilli powder following a national warning issued by the Food Standards Agency.

The chilli powder contains an illegal food dye,'Sudan I', which is thought to be a genotoxic carcinogen. Its presence in foodstuffs at any level is not permitted.

Although the immediate risk to health is considered to be relatively low, it is suspected that the dye could be dangerous if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time. The dye has been found in particular seasoning and chutney products from two manufacturers. As a precautionary measure, specific batches are being removed from sale throughout the UK.

Phillip Holman, Durham County Council's Head of Trading Standards said: "We are working with our colleagues in the Districts to check products on sale in the area, and would advise anyone to let us know if they have information about these particular batches being on sale locally"

Deputy Council Leader Don Ross added: " Anyone who has these foods and is concerned about their safety of such products is advised to dispose of them as a precautionary measure"

Note to News Editors: For further information contact Duncan Castling, Food Team, Trading Standards, Durham County Council on 0191 383 3056.

Details of the products and batches are detailed below.

Rajah brand (HP Foods Ltd) 0800 0721 122 Shaws ( Huddersfield) Ltd 01484 539999
Rajah Tandoori Masala seasoningRajah Natural Tandoori Masala seasoningRajah Jerk seasoningRajah Chilli & Lemon seasoning Rajah Oriental Noodle seasoningRajah Chicken seasoning These products are retailed in 100g and 400g packets. These sizes and larger sizes (1kg and 8 kg) are also sold through wholesalers.The company has undertaken a full trade withdrawal of the products with any BEST BEFORE END DATES UP TO 18TH JULY 2005 FROM ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS. PLEASE NOTEAny 'Rajah'product with a Best Before End date of 18.07.2023 or after this date is confirmed to be made with chilli powder that is clear of Sudan I. RETAIL PRODUCTS Best Before End: up to 01.02.2006. Red Pepper & Aubergine Relish 280gHot Mango Chutney 300gFlaming Hot Chutney 300gSpicy Apricot Chutney 300gMild Chilli Relish 300gTomato Relish 300gOnion Chutney 300gCurried Fruit Chutney 300g Barbecue Relish 300g(CATERING) SIZE PRODUCTS Best Before End: up to 01.02.2006Tomato Relish 2.4KgMild Chilli Relish 2.4KgTomato Chilli Relish 2.4KgChilli Relish 2.4Kg Red Hot Chilli Sauce 2.3Kg