Issued By
North Yorkshire
County Council


A survey by North Yorkshire County Council's trading standards service found that 98% of the public said that they simply didnít want doorstep salesmen cold calling on them.

Nevertheless, doorstep sellers will continue to operate and householders will continue to be persuaded into buying things, which they donít need and often can ill afford. So what if you do sign on the dotted line and later change your mind?


If the goods or services you buy cost more than £35 and you didnít invite the seller to call then generally you have seven days to change your mind and cancel the contract. By law the seller must give you written details of your rights to cancel and they can be prosecuted if they donít do this.

If however you respond to an advertisement in the paper or a leaflet dropped through your door then you wonít have cancellation rights.

If you are given written cancellation rights and you cancel a contract then you should get back any monies, which you have paid. If you have already received some goods e.g. perishables or if certain services have been carried out such as home improvements, then you will have to pay for these, despite having cancelled the contract.

If you are not given written cancellation rights then you donít have to pay anything even if work has been carried out. If you have signed a credit agreement for goods or services then you will have additional cancellation rights and extra rights if something goes wrong.

This is a simplified statement of the law and does not deal with the various exceptions in the legislation but if you want more details to complain about a doorstep trader contact the North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards doorstoppers hotline on 0845-3303313.

The most important thing is not to get into a position of having to cancel a contract and simply SAY NO TO DOORSTEP CALLERS.

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