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North Yorkshire
County Council


LANDLORDS across North Yorkshire are being urged to join the Christmas spirit and pop the price of soft drinks.

North Yorkshire County Council's trading standards service has taken part in a major national survey looking at the price of soft drinks in pubs.

The results show that in the Christmas Party period little will be done by most pubs to persuade drinkers to switch to non-alcoholic alternatives.

As officers carried out their normal Christmas season checks, prices were noted in 37 North Yorkshire pubs. The price of a lemonade was as much as £1.38. Drinkers were also paying up to 40p extra for a small dash of cordial. Three of the pubs didnít even display prices - yet this is a legal requirement. Just seven of the pubs visited in the county had plans to operate a designated driver scheme whereby drivers could access free or cheaper soft drinks.

Stuart Pudney, North Yorkshire County Council's head of trading standards, said: ďOur checks show that most of the pubs visited charged more for basic drinks, such as lemonade, than they would for a beer. Bearing in mind that there is no duty to pay and no special storage how can these high prices be justified?

"At local supermarkets half a pint of lemonade would cost less than ten pence. A dash of cordial such as orange squash would be no more than a couple of pence and yet customers are charged up to £1.47 for a glass of lemonade and orange squash.

"When we are trying to discourage excessive alcohol consumption and promote the idea of designated drivers sticking to soft drinks, these findings are most disappointing. I would hope that if nothing else, the pubs in North Yorkshire will seriously consider introducing a designated driver scheme."


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