Issued By
North Yorkshire
County Council


NORTH YORKSHIRE Trading Standards officers are warning Scarborough and Filey residents about the activities of tarmac gangs operating in the area.

Four households in the Filey area have complained to trading standards after being approached by traders calling door to door. In one case, £600 was paid over for work which was practically worthless. In two other cases, the early intervention of trading standards officers stopped any money changing hands.

Stuart Pudney, head of trading standards and regulatory services for North Yorkshire County Council, said that the tarmac gangs often claim to have tarmac left over from council work. All too often threats of violence and damage to property follow if payment is not made.

He added: "Trading standards officers and the police will always investigate but once money has been paid, the chances of getting it back are virtually nil. Our resources are stretched to the limit with this sort of thing and householders must learn that dealing with doorstep callers just doesn’t make sense.”

North Yorkshire County Council, in conjunction with many partners is about to launch a major countywide campaign about doorstep callers.

“The message we want to put out is simple - do not do business at the door,” Mr Pudney said.


Contact: Stuart Pudney on 01609-766405 or John Leadbeater on 01609-766407