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Possible absence of vitamin B1 in Soy Formula

PARENTS are being advised about a kosher infant formula feed that has been recalled in Israel following the death of three babies.

The soya-based milk substitute, called Tzimchit Super Formula, is sold by Remedia in Israel. Although it is not believed to be available in the UK, it is possible a specialist importer might have sold it here, or parents could have brought supplies back after visiting Israel.

The product has been found to be possibly lacking in vitamin B1 at the levels that are normally required in infant formula. Vitamin B1 is an essential dietary requirement for babies' growth and development.

Parents who have been feeding their baby with one of these products should stop immediately and contact their GP. Treatment can be given for vitamin B1 deficiency. Health professionals can also provide information about alternative ways of feeding babies and alternative kosher products that are available.

Two Remedia products, Tzimchit Super Formula and Junior Tzimchit Super Formula, have been recalled. Both are soya-based and come in 400g or 800g tins in green, blue and white colours, with a plastic green lid. The label, which is in Hebrew, features a cartoon picture of a chick.
A kosher milk product called Super Formula Junior which is sold by Remedia in the UK is not affected.

Mick King, County Trading Standards Officer, said: “Our first priority is to get these products off the market and to protect public health. If anyone has stocks of this product they should ensure they are removed from sale.”

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Anyone who has this product should contact Trading Standards immediately:

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If you are aware of anyone selling this product you can also contact us anonymously on the same number.

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