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Urgent Contaminated Chilli Pickle Warning

THE Food Standards Agency has issued a warning about the consumption of contaminated chilli pickle containing an illegal dye, Sudan 1, a potentially cancer- causing chemical if consumed in sufficient quantities.

Sudan 1 is not a permitted colour under the Colours in Food Regulations 1995. It is considered to be a genotoxic carcinogen and its presence, at any level, is not permitted in food stuffs for any purpose.

Mick King, County Trading Standards Officer said: “Once again our first priority is to get this product off the market and to protect public health. There is no immediate threat of illness and those most at risk would be people eating contaminated products regularly over a long time. If you have any of this product you should either throw it away or return it and request a refund from your supplier.”

The product that has been identified as containing Sudan 1 is Pran brand Naga Chilli Pickle Extra Hot.

This product is available in 300g glass jars with screw top lids, over-wrapped in clear cellophane. The label is red with the lettering in yellow and white and a picture of chilli peppers on the front. The Pran logo is at the top of the front label, with the product description `Naga Chilli Pickle` in white lettering below and the words `Extra Hot` in yellow lettering. The lid is white with a red border and has a picture of fruit on it and the Pran logo.

Embossed on the lid in black lettering are the words:

‘Imported by AZKA IMPEX, UK, Mobile No. 07956 980005, Fax No: (0121) 242 6996.’

The manufacturing date and expiry date are also embossed on the lid and this food hazard warning covers ALL dates.

Although the importer has instigated a trade withdrawal, it is very likely that affected product may still be on sale.

Details of the product are available from the Food Standards Agency website:

For further information please contact:

Trading Standards Department
NE61 2AP
Telephone: 01670 534585
Fax: 01670 534590

Further information is available from:
Nicola Sleightholme, Public Relations Assistant, Northumberland County Council
Tel: 01670 533252
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