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THE Food Standards Agency has issued a warning that Lidl has withdrawn bottles of Australian Creston Bay brand Cabernet Shiraz red wine containing high levels of sulphur dioxide.

Sulphur dioxide, which can cause asthma attacks, has been found at up to 17 times the permitted level. This amount could trigger an attack in a person with asthma who uncorks a bottle and inhales the smell without even tasting the wine. Severe asthma attacks can be life threatening. People with asthma should not open these bottles or drink this wine.

This wine, bottled in 2002 and priced at £2.99, was stocked at Lidl stores from 10 October 2003. The bottles are clear green glass, 0.75l size, Bordeaux shape, and have a black plastic cap. The words “Creston Bay” appear on the label in white set into a black background, with a picture of a kangaroo above it. Below is a larger white label with the words “Australian” and “Cabernet Shiraz” on it with a picture of a tree in the middle.

Only bottles with the year ‘2002’ displayed on the rear label are covered by this warning.

Drinking the wine is unlikely to have any harmful effects on anyone who does not have asthma, but it would probably taste very unpleasant.

Mick King, County Trading Standards Officer for Northumberland said “Anyone who has bought one of these bottles would probably realise that the wine is not fit to drink because the chemical gives off a strong, acrid smell. Our first priority is to protect public health. Anyone having this wine should return it to the Lidl store where they bought it for a refund ”

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