Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service

Congratulations – You’ve Won the Canadian Lottery!

West Yorkshire Trading Standards would again like to warn West Yorkshire Businesses of a scam involving various lotteries based in Canada.

Businesses receive an email stating they have won a substantial amount of money, which has been deposited in their name at a bank in Canada.

The lucky winners are urged not to make public they are a winner until the claim has been processed. Winners are also urged to re-invest part of their prize money in the end of year high stakes International Lottery.

Trading Standards are warning companies who receive such emails from abroad to treat the contents with extreme caution. Do not give bank details to such companies.

It is also likely that anyone who responds to one of these emails will be inundated with many similar emails, which are difficult to stop, increasing your company’s risk of being involved in one of these scams.

UK legislation protecting consumer rights does not apply to companies based abroad. It would be difficult for a consumer to get any redress if they feel that they have been mislead or their bank details are being used for purposes other than those permitted by the consumer.

Councillor Graham Clarke, Chairman of West Yorkshire Joint Services said:

“No one gives money for no reason at all, any email you receive will have gone out to hundreds of people. My advice is to ignore such emails.”

Deputy Chief Executive of Leeds Chamber of Commerce Ian Williams added “ Already Leeds Chamber has received a number of calls from its members about this scam and the warning from Trading Standards is very much welcomed and fully supported by the Chamber”

For further information contact:

John Field: Consumer Services Manager: 0113 2898238
Carol Hallett: General Media Contact: 0113 3836407