Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service

Trading Standards Name and Shame

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service has launched a new policy to name and shame problem traders. The first business to be publicly exposed under the policy is a UPVC fascias and guttering firm called Quality Plastics.

Quality Plastics are itinerant traders, who rely on cold calling to generate trade at the doorstep. The work carried out is of a poor standard and sometimes not required in the first place.

The complaints have come from various areas of West Yorkshire with older consumers being targeted and persuaded to part with considerable amounts of money.

In response to complaints, officers from Trading Standards have contacted the firm and found them aggressive and uncooperative. A representative of Quality Plastics blatantly commented that he does not care that he has ripped off consumers and he was not prepared to discuss the complaints.

Invoices and guarantees given to consumers are false and do not contain an address. They trade from the phone number 01274 734019, connecting to a caravan site in the Bradford district. A mobile number 07814 677628 has also been given to consumers. Whilst the name John Wall has been given by Quality Plastics, this is believed to be false.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards want to prevent consumers falling victim to doorstep crime. The message for consumers is to avoid doorstep callers all together. If you have a complaint to report please contact the Consumer Helpline on 0113 384 8848. A newly formed Rapid Response Team is available to assist consumers, particularly those from vulnerable groups, who fall prey to itinerant traders.

Itinerant traders, such as Quality Plastics, often avoid a fixed address to make legal proceedings against them difficult. This reinforces the importance of saying no to trades people calling at the door.

Councillor Graham Clarke, Chair of West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said “This kind of company prey on vulnerable consumers. We will do everything in our power to stop them ripping off the consumers of West Yorkshire which is why we are naming them to the public. I urge everybody to remember the dangers of dealing on the doorstep and to SAY NO TO DOORSTEP CRIME”

For further information contact:
Paul Smith, Principal Officer, 0113 289 8219
Paul Cooper, Divisional Manager, 0113 289 8240
Carol Hallett, General Media Contact, 0113 289 8246

Notes to editors:

1. A company called White Line Plastics also have the same landline telephone number on their paperwork.
2. Consumers in Leeds can contact First Check Point on 0870 013 2727 to be put in touch with a reputable tradesperson.