Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service


At this time of year many of us are looking for bargain holidays. To encourage consumers many travel companies display ‘special offers’ in their window displays and show competitive prices on their Internet sites. But do these holidays exist?

This week West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service carried out an operation to discover the validity of these types of offers. During the operation officers discovered 18% of the holidays advertised to be incorrect. This included 67 pricing discrepancies, and 33 contraventions of the Package Travel Regulations and the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.

It was found that a number of prices displayed by the travel industry failed to include extra compulsory charges such as booking fees, airport security taxes and ticket on departure charges. The majority of the contraventions were companies displaying offers, which appeared ‘too good to be true’. When a request was made to book one of these deals they were in fact nonexistent or unavailable.

One Internet site was found to be displaying over 40 separate holidays, which were not available at the price displayed. Another company advertised a 14-night holiday to Jamaica for £369.00, the advert failed to state that it only included one night’s accommodation.

This shows that within the travel industry a high number of offers are being made to the public that are incorrect and deliberately misleading.

Martin Wood, Chief Officer West Yorkshire Trading Standards said, “This has certainly highlighted an alarming high number of problems within the travel industry. This type of operation will continue and further investigations into these offences will be carried out.”

Councillor Graham Clarke, Chairman West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee said, “The travel industry is a very lucrative industry indeed and the public should be able to take advantage of any offers shown with no hidden extras.”

For further information contact:
Paul Smith, Principal Officer, 0113 289 8219
Carol Hallett, General Media Contact, 0113 289 8246