Alcohol & the Law

Time needed: 1 hour

Overview: Pupils familiarise themselves with the laws relating to alcohol through designated activities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Pupils will learn about the laws relating to alcohol
  • Have an understanding of when alcohol laws were made and why
  • Learn about Proof of Age and why its needed

  Activity What to do What you need Time
Intro Show slides of famous alcoholic drinks What do all these drinks have in common?

Elicit - Alcoholic

Discuss with class
Flash cards or Powerpoint presentation. 5 mins
  Discussion How much do we know about the laws surrounding alcohol?   5 mins
  Exercise 1 Ask the pupils to guess whether it is illegal or legal in the listed scenarios Work sheet 1 5 mins
  Exercise 1 Go through answers asking students to note of the correct answer Work sheet 1 5 mins
  Discussion "Do you think the licensing laws should change?" Encourage 10 mins