Citizenship Education & Alcohol

Each of the activities that are listed will complement the suggested activities in the exemplar units of work developed by the QCA and will bring out both the PSHE and Citizenship angles at key stages 3&4 to specific topics.

  • Alcohol and the Law
  • Pub License Hours
  • Alcohol advertising and promotions

Please also note the Proof of Age scheme is running in West Yorkshire and we would encourage all schools to become a part of this scheme.

Citizenship Education & Consumers

Basic consumer skills are a must in today's society, consumers must now understand how to obtain information about competing goods and services , manage resources, evaluate products in order to make choice and know what their rights are when it all goes wrong. The activities listed can be delivered to either large groups, e.g. half year groups or smaller groups of average class size.

  • Consumer values and behaviours
  • Consumers in the market place
  • Consumer rights & responsibilities

Young Consumers of the Year competition 2006 is celebrating its 20th year and is set to be one of the best competitions yet - please contact to register your school.

Citizenship & Community Safety

Everyone now needs to consider how to stay safe in their community understand that everybody's actions have consequences for those around them.

  • Multi-agency approach re: fireworks
  • Doorstep Crime
  • How to avoid scams on the internet and on mobile phones.