Citizenship & Marketing Alcohol


The students will consider how advertising and promotions are used to encourage alcohol consumption.

Pupils will learn about different marketing techniques and discuss the way young people interpret these messages.

Working in groups the class will formulate a marketing strategy designed to sell a new alcopop to 18-25 year olds.

This will lead to a class discussion about what rules are appropriate to regulate alcohol marketing strategies.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • be able to recognise different form of marketing strategy
  • understand the impact these strategies have on young people
  • consider the need for an advertising code and what it should include
  • convey their own opinions on alcohol advertising

  Actions Resources time
Intro Play clips of recent alcohol adverts

Pause each advert before the product is mentioned and ask the group to name the product.
DVD/Video - or Laptop for power point presentation. 10 mins
  How were the people in the adverts portrayed? Where are they, what are they doing? How would the message be altered if the people looked different were in a different place?   15 mins
  Using figures on Teacher brief A, discuss with class: How much money do you think is spent on advertising alcohol? How old do you think children are when they have their first alcoholic drink? Where do you think they drink it?

Discuss further the reasons why certain age groups start drinking
Teacher brief A