You're out with your friends talking about the mobile phones you got for Christmas.

You are all comparing ring tones and taking photos and video clips of each other, when you notice someone acting suspiciously nearby.

A couple of hours later you make your way home.

The next day at school one of your friends that you were out with last night tells you that on her way home someone came up behind her and asked her for the time, and when she was looking at her watch the stranger grabbed her phone and ran off.

Mobile phones are expensive, and school students are 5 times more likely to be victims of phone theft

Here are some tips for keeping your phone safe:

Keep it safe - Tips

Be alert

Be aware of your surroundings

Don't use your phone in busy places or where you feel unsafe - Don't have it on display

As well as your phone number, it is also worth keeping a record of your pin number if you have one, and your 15 digit IMEI number. You will find the IMEI number on the back of the battery or on some phones it can be found by keying *#06#

Keep these details in a safe place separate from your phone

If your phone is stolen call the police and your network operator. The network operator can put a ban on your phone to stop it being used by thieves.

To put a bar your phone call:
Orange customers
Contract 07973 100150
Pre-pay 07973 100451

Vodafone customers
Contract 07836 191191
Pre-pay 08700 776655

O2 customers
Contract 08705 214000
Pre-pay 08705 678678

T-Mobile customers
0845 412 5000

Virgin Mobile customers
0845 6000 789

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