Mobile Phone Unlocking

If you've bought a second hand mobile phone, or have changed network provider, you may find that you are unable to use the handset with a new SIM card as it maybe locked to its own particular network.

If you are prompted to enter a "restriction code", "network code" or "subsidy code", or get a message telling you that you can't connect to a certain network, this is because the handset is "locked" to a network. The network operators do this to ensure their handsets are not used by other networks or sold on.

When you enter into a contract for a mobile phone it would usually be for at least twelve months and you could receive a free or discounted handset. The provider ties you in for this length of time so they can make enough money to pay for the handset. Therefore this is why they lock it to their network.

In the case of a legitimate purchase of a phone there are various ways of unlocking a handset it may include connecting your phone to software, or paying money to a trader. But the correct way to do it is to contact the network operator that has locked the phone and get an unlocking code, although there may be a charge for this.