Press Release Issued By
North Yorkshire County Council 
Trading Standards And Regulatory Services





North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards has issued a strong warning to farmers not to try and shortcut the system for moving their livestock, under the new rules introduced this week.

Nearly 400 licences have so far been issued to allow farmers to move stock directly to abattoirs. Farmers have been told to book a slot with abattoirs before asking for a licence to ensure that they can cope with demand and to avoid lorry queues which would increase the risk of cross contamination.

Stuart Pudney, Head of Trading Standards and Regulatory Services said,

"A small number of farmers appear to be trying to bypass the system by falsely claiming that they have bookings at slaughter houses. Where we have found this to be the case investigations are now underway. Not only is this an offence, but it is causing major problems. We will take a firm line with anybody found to have given false information. I urge all farmers to follow the system, which has been introduced for the good of the farming community and residents of North Yorkshire. We are not going to see the County’s disease free status put at risk by such irresponsible and selfish actions."