Press Release Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
 Standards Services





In a series of raids in West Yorkshire and Darlington 63 cars have been seized from four separate addresses. Eight individuals associated with the vehicles have been arrested and will be investigated in connection with "car clocking" allegations. The majority of the vehicles were being openly offered for sale from a site in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

The Operation was undertaken jointly by officers from West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, North Yorkshire Trading Standards Service and West Yorkshire Police.

‘Clocking’ cars is the deliberate tampering with and altering the mileage reading on vehicles to reduce the recorded number of miles that the vehicle has travelled. The mileage of a vehicle, along with its date of registration and general condition, is one of the key factors in determining the value of the vehicle. Reducing the mileage on a vehicle can add several thousand pounds to its value. Unsuspecting consumers are then conned into buying a vehicle which has travelled many thousands of miles more than they are led to believe.

The vehicles that were seized in the operation were offered for sale for prices ranging between £3,000 to £9,000.

Martin Wood, Head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, stated "This investigation suggests the clocking of cars on a massive scale. The success of the Operation has resulted from the close partnership that has taken place with North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Trading Standards Services and West Yorkshire Police.

I hope that this will send out a message to everybody who deals in the sale of vehicles that we will not tolerate car clocking and will not hesitate to come down hard on anybody involved in this practice".


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