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This leaflet has been prepared for the guidance of traders by the Northern Counties Chief Trading Standards Officers Group. It is not an authoritative document on the law and is only intended for guidance. 

Lancashire Trading Standards Department is warning consumers to be on their guard against 'cowboys' offering damp proof courses, which may be unnecessary and overpriced.

Trading Standards have received several complaints from householders who have been telephoned and offered a free damp check. If this is accepted a 'surveyor' then calls with a damp meter, which invariably indicates rising damp. A 'hard sell' for damp proofing work, followed by a 25% price 'reduction' is offered if the householder signs on the day and gives a deposit. Although some work is done, it is suspected that the work done is ineffective. No cancellation rights are given.

The Trading Standards department would like to hear from anyone being approached by telephoning 0845 600 1352.

Jim Potts, Lancashire’s Chief Trading Standards Officer, advises consumers not to fall for cold calling home improvement checks from unknown operations. If you suspect a damp problem:

Note to Editors: Further details are available from Principal Trading Standards Officer Mandy Maxim on 01772 261491 or Fair Trading Officer Mark Dawson on 01772 262752.


Issued through the Media and Public Relations Group, County Hall, Preston, PR1 9XJ.

For further information please contact Clare Ianson, Senior Press Officer. Tel - 01772 263537 Fax 01772 263553


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