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This leaflet has been prepared for the guidance of traders by the Northern Counties Chief Trading Standards Officers Group. It is not an authoritative document on the law and is only intended for guidance. 

Consumer chiefs in County Durham today warned people not to be fooled into paying for expensive alternative health products by the lure of big money.

A company based in the Netherlands is targeting homes in the County with letters guaranteeing people a cash prize.

"Perfect Health says the first special prize is a cheque for £10,000 but, on reading the small print, itís apparent that you are most likely to receive only a share of that," said Phillip Holman, Durham County Councilís Head of Consumer Services.

"In real terms, this means that most people will get a small cash voucher off the purchase of health products that the company is seeking to promote.

"Once their interest is caught, people are invited to send off money for items such as headache bands, face firming creams and anti-rheumatism armbands.

"Thereís no evidence that thereís anything wrong with the products but the fact that they are having to promote them using a prize award mailshot rings alarm bells.

"The products certainly appear expensive for what they are and our advice is bin the letters," he said.

County Council cabinet member, Don Ross, said: "We are concerned at the number of unsolicited mailshots being sent to people in the County, most of which appear to be originating from abroad.

"If people are interested in using alternative health products, we would advise them to see their GP first," he said.


Note to News Editors: For further information contact Peter Fleming, divisional manager, on 0191 383 3584 or Chris Cooper on 0191 383 4468.


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