Press Release Issued By
North Yorkshire County Council 
Trading Standards And Regulatory Services






FOLLOWING reports of the first suspect case of foot and mouth in North Yorkshire, tighter restrictions have been announced on the movement of vehicles, particularly along the A684 which is the principal route through Wensleydale.

A Form C has been served on Raygill House Farm between Hawes and Bainbridge. This is the farm under investigation by MAFF officials and samples have been sent for testing.

All farms within 3km will be placed under restriction which includes extra disinfecting precautions and other restrictions.

All farms within 10km will be prohibited from moving livestock under the new licensing scheme which includes the area around Hawes, Bainbridge and Askrigg.

Restrictions will automatically apply to the movement of livestock along the A684 within the vicinity of Raygill House Farm and North Yorkshire County Council officials, together with MAFF will be giving consideration later today to all traffic movements along that stretch of road. Until the situation becomes clearer the public should not use the A684 as a through road.

Police officers will be stationed on the major access points into the area and it is stressed that no animal vehicles are allowed to enter. In addition, disinfectant matting will be placed on the A684 at strategic points as a precautionary measure and all vehicles are advised to avoid the A684 if possible.

Appropriate signs advising of the suspect infected area will be placed in villages around the area.

Stuart Pudney, head of trading standards and regulatory services for North Yorkshire County Council, said: "I cannot stress how important it is to ensure that as few vehicles as possible enter the 8km boundary around the suspect farm.

"No animal vehicles are allowed in the area whatsoever and all other vehicles that do not have to enter the area should find alternative routes. The area will be heavily signed and it is very important that we get the public’s support in controlling this disease".




Stuart Pudney 01609-766405 or Graham Venn 01609-766408