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Following a targeted campaign it appears that retailers of fireworks in West Yorkshire are finally heeding warnings and advice from Trading Standards, Police and Fire Officers.

Over last weekend  a band of young test purchasers aged between 12 and 13 were accompanied by a team of officers from the Trading Standards Service.

A total of  86 visits were made throughout the West Yorkshire region. Although there was only one sale this happened to be a  large display rocket approximately 130cms in length,  which is not only potentially dangerous but in the wrong hands could prove lethal.

Officers from Trading Standards are also on the lookout for illegal fireworks. To date a number of inspections have already been  made in West Yorkshire. In Keighley, accompanied by police officers, trading standards officers removed 18 illegal fireworks from sale.

Inspector Nigel Cawthorne of West Yorkshire Police said “This is a successful example of a number of joint initiatives which have been carried out in the region. Hopefully the removal of such fireworks will reduce the amount of complaints we receive from elderly and distressed citizens”

Martin Wood Chief Trading Standards Officer said,  “It looks like the message is getting through. After a programme of advisory visits and a flow of information to retailers there is no excuse for ignorance. My enforcement policy remains and action will continue to be taken against offenders”.

Councillor Graham Clarke Chairman of the Trading Standards Committee said “I am relieved to see a drop in the reported figures from last year. However we must remain vigilant. There are still 2 weeks to go to Bonfire Night and young lives remain at risk”


For further information contact:

Patricia Harter Enforcement Officer 0113 2898217

Paul Cooper Divisional Manager 0113 2898240

Councillor Graham Clarke  0113 253 0241

Inspector Nigel Cawthorne Bingley Police 01535 617059


Notes to Editors


Last year 125 premises were visited. Test purchases attempted at 54. 10% sales were reported.

This year 86 were visited. Test purchases were attempted at 59.

29 retail inspections completed in Leeds and Bradford

130cm Display Rocket available for a photocall