Issued By
 West Yorkshire Trading
 Standards Service






West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service is warning consumers not to be taken in  by the outrageous health claims being made for Iman Virgin Black Seed Oil.  This product has been found on sale in Asian shops in West Yorkshire and comes with a leaflet  which claims that it can be used for:

Leprosy, Meningitis, Sexual Impotency, Gall & Kidney Stones, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Muscle Pains, Headache, Hypertension, Nervous Tension/Stress, Stomach Problems, Diarrhoea, Asthma, Loss of Hair, Inflammation of Thighs and Groin, Memory Improvement and Laziness.

In fact the leaflet quotes an Islamic Prophet  “It is a remedy for all disease except death”.

These claims are so outlandish, hopefully people will not take them seriously.  However WYTSS is concerned that parents may be tempted to use the product as a meningitis cure, when clearly if they suspect that their child is showing symptoms of meningitis they should seek immediate medical help.   Valuable time may be lost waiting for this “cure” to take effect.

There appear to be two versions of this product on sale which comes in a distinctive yellow and black box.   One version has the health claims printed directly onto the packaging and officers in West Yorkshire are instructing retailers to remove this one from sale.  The leaflets bearing the false claims should also be removed from display.

The WYTSS have had this product tested by the Public Analyst and there appears to be no evidence that the product is harmful.   The Black Seed is in fact another name for Nigella which has traditionally been used as a herbal remedy in Islamic countries, but it should not be considered  as a cure for meningitis.    Medicinal claims are prohibited by The Food Labelling Regulations and investigations are taking place into the source of the product.

For further details contact:

Graham Hebblethwaite:   Divisional Manager  

            Tel  0113 2898218

Richard Guthrie:    Principal Officer

            Tel 0113 28989221

Trevor Gray:   Trading Standards Officer

            Tel 0113 2898227