Press Releases



Unsafe Sweets Sold In County Durham (Durham Trading Standards) (20/12/01)

Keeping Things Moving For Christmas (Northumberland Trading Standards Service) (20/12/01)

Keep Debt  Under Control (North Yorkshire Trading Standards) (20/12/01)

Continuing Crackdown On Counterfeit Counterfeiters (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (17/12/01)

Christmas Decoration Danger (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (13/12/01)

The Christmas Spirit Is Not Always What It Seems (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (13/12/01)

Christmas Decoration Danger (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (11/12/01)

Trading Standards Seize Dangerous Furniture (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (06/12/01)

Christmas Countdown (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (06/12/01)

“Christmas Crackdown on Counterfeit Goods” (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (06/12/01)

Unsafe Upholstered Furniture (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (27/11/01)

Keep Debt Under Control (North Yorkshire Trading Standards) (16/11/01)

Too much 'Retail Therapy' can be bad for your debt (Durham Trading Standards) (08/11/01)

Fireworks Sales In County Durham (Durham Trading Standards) (02/11/01)

Crackdown On Booze Sellers (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (01/11/01)

Combating Underage Sales (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (01/11/01)

A testing time (West Yorkshire Trading Standards) (25/10/01)

"Fireworks Are Explosives. Get Wise Or Get Hurt" (Northumberland Trading Standards) (24/10/01)

Don't Get Stung By Free Holiday Offers (Northumberland Trading Standards) (24/10/01)

Food For Thought (Durham Trading Standards Service) (24/10/01)

Don't get caught out by premium rate numbers (23/10/01)

Fireworks 2001 (23/10/01)

Food Hazards Warning (05/10/01)

You've Won A Free Holiday! (06-09-01)

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Seizures To Benefit National Charity (05-09-01)

IMAN Virgin Black Seed Oil (05-09-01)

West Yorkshire Motor Trade Partnership (25-07-01)

Watch Your Shades (17-07-01)

Statement From Northumberland County Council (09-07-01)

Joined Up Consumer Services (06-07-01)

Trans-Atlantic Phone Menace Goes On (25-06-01)

£150,000 Internet Crime Unit For Trading Standards (19-06-01)

'Quality' Award For County's Consumer Services (04-06-01)

Be Aware Of The Catch (03-05-01)

Protect Your Holiday (18-04-01)

Imprisonment For Counterfeiter (11-04-01)

Do You Think You Have Won (11-04-01)

Regional Car Clocking Ring Smashed (03-04-01)

"Cowboy" Damp Proof Companies (27-03-03)

Firework Control Campaign Launched (21-03-01)

County's Consumer Watchdogs Join Global Internet Sweep (19-03-01)

Perfect Health May Not Lead To Perfect Wealth (14-03-01)

Foot And Mouth - Large Parts Of North Yorkshire Declared Infected Area (08-03-01)

Tighter Restrictions On Vehicle Movements After First Suspect Foot And Mouth Case In North Yorkshire (07-03-01)

Foot And Mouth – Farmers Warned Not To Abuse The System (06-03-01)

Farmers Failing To Keep Records Of Drugs Given To Animals (21-02-01)

After The Petrol Crisis - Don't Continue To Hoard Fuel! (21-02-01

Worthless 'Academy Millenium Award' Being Offered (16-02-01)

Bill To Seek To Stop Bogus Homeworking Schemes (16-02-01)

More Cash Award Scams Hit Durham Consumers (02-02-01)

It Beggars Belief (01-02-01)

Homeworking Schemes (24-01-01)

Takeaway Joins Curry Club (19-01-01)

Sales To Underage Children Kept In Check (17-01-01)

Trading Standards Update Now Available (10-01-01)

Bargain Message To Consumers (10-01-01)

North Yorkshire's Very Own 'House Of Horrors' (03-01-01)