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  West Yorkshire Trading
  Standards Service






Kingston Upon Hull and West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service are warning the public not to buy upholstered furniture door-to-door or from unusual outlets such as roadside pitches.

The furniture was manufactured in Holland and does not meet UK furniture safety requirements.  Two container loads entered the country at Hull last week.  Its documentation indicated the furniture was intended for the Republic of Ireland and the Dutch haulier was supposed to take it from the docks to a firm of international hauliers in Bradford for forwarding to Ireland.  The furniture disappeared somewhere on route between Hull and Bradford.

Martin Wood, West Yorkshire Chief Trading Standards Officer said, “The three piece suites are manufactured to Dutch standards and do not meet our flammability performance and labelling requirements.  We suspect them to be somewhere in the Yorkshire and Humberside region and may very well be in West Yorkshire”.

Councillor Graham Clarke, Chairman of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee said, “We believe this furniture will be offered door-to-door or from unusual locations.  My advice would be do not buy it.  Anyone wishing to purchase upholstered furniture should visit a reputable high street retailer”


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