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West Yorkshire’s Trading Standards Officers have been busy in the run up to Christmas.  There have been a number of operations carried out to stop the supply of counterfeit goods in the run up to Christmas.

In a joint operation with officers from West Yorkshire Police, Trading Standards Officers visited a number of stalls at a central Halifax Car Boot Sale on Sunday 25 November.  The stalls were all found to be supplying illegally copied music, software and videos.  The operation was undertaken following complaints from both local consumers and traders.

In the course of the operation, illegal copies of music, films and software were discovered.  Some of the latest titles to hit cinemas were uncovered, including Harry Potter, Cats and Dogs, Moulin Rouge and A Knight’s Tale.  These films are not yet out on general release.  Officers also discovered traders illegally selling MP3 music discs.  All the counterfeit goods were seized by West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service.

In a separate operation officers visited Dewsbury Market on Wednesday 28th  November with representatives from Tommy Hilfiger.  Three stalls on the market were found selling counterfeit Tommy Sports merchandise, which is a registered trademark.  In total, 127 items including adults and children’s  sweatshirts and fleece jackets were seized from the market.

The value of the goods recovered at the Car Boot Sale is estimated at £50,000.  The value of the goods seized from Dewsbury Market is approximately £9000, had the goods been genuine.

Martin Wood, West Yorkshire’s Chief Trading Standards Officer, said:

“This operation was one of a number planned for the run up to Christmas.  Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime.  Counterfeiters take money directly from the legitimate business community.  They deprive both retailers and the publishers of copyrighted items of legitimate sales.   This can lead to job losses to local people.   The goods that they sell are often poor quality and consumers seldom receive value for money from counterfeit goods.  I would urge West Yorkshire residents to think twice before buying illegal copies of music, videos, and software and films this Christmas.   Anyone trading in counterfeit merchandise should not underestimate the severity of this offence, as conviction under the Trade Marks Act 1994 carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.”

Councillor Graham Clarke Chair of West Yorkshire Joint Services Committee, said;

“I fully support the work of the officers involved in these operations.  Counterfeit goods are a perennial problem but are particularly prevalent at this time of year and West Yorkshire Trading Standards is committed to stemming the flow of such counterfeit and copyright infringing items.”

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service plans to conduct further operations in the run up to Christmas.


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Paul Smith, Enforcement Officer Tel: 0113 289 8219

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