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  West Yorkshire Trading
  Standards Service





Following a survey of Christmas Candle Ring Holders, which were found on sale throughout the West Yorkshire area, Trading Standards Officers want to alert the public to the potential dangers associated with the burning of candles and their holders.

There has been a vast increase in the popularity of candles over the last few years. Around Christmas time the shops are full of a variety of decorative floral candle rings. West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service has targeted these types of products to see how quickly they catch fire.

The test results showed that only a small percentage of the candleholders tested were actually safe and did not ignite. In fact the majority of the holders totally disintegrated leaving only a few charred ashes. Had these decorations been left unattended for any period of time, the results could have had been disastrous.

The importers of those holders, which were regarded as a fire risk, have been contacted and all of those items have been withdrawn from sale. In one case, a product recall was put in place by the importing company

Martin Wood Chief Officer of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service said,

“ In those cases where the holders totally disintegrated it was felt insufficient to simply attach a warning label. That is why some of these products were withdrawn. I would urge the public to heed ALL warnings on these type of goods and in particular never to leave burning candles unattended.”

Councillor Graham Clarke Chair of the Trading Standards Committee added,

“Public awareness must be raised to the dangers of these decorations. During the forthcoming busy Christmas season we may become forgetful, particularly after imbibing a little too much Christmas spirit. At such times families become at risk and a tragedy may occur. I would urge everyone to take special care this Christmas.”


For further information contact:


Susan Jenkins, Enforcement Officer 0113 2898217


Paul Cooper, Divisional Manager 0113 2898240


Graham Hebblethwaite, Divisional Manager 0113 2898218


Notes to Editors


11 Candle Rings were sampled

7 of the rings ignited and were totally consumed

3 of the rings ignited but self extinguished

1 ring did not ignite

A selection of candle rings and their remains are available for a photocall.