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North Yorkshire County Council



TRADING STANDARDS officers in North Yorkshire have revealed that two thirds of all consumer complaints they receive about cars relate to out of county dealers. 

Consumer complaints in relation to cars is consistently one of the highest categories received by the trading standards service operated by North Yorkshire County Council.  In the last financial year the service received a total of 1,394 complaints in this area, with 19% of all complaints relating  to new cars,  52% of complaints about second hand cars, 22% concerning services and repairs and 2½% of complaints relating to spares and accessories.  

The most common problem reported to the trading standards service concerned either the poor quality of the car which was bought or the poor quality of the service undertaken (49%).

The trading standards service was also concerned to find that 24% of all car-related complaints were caused by unfair selling techniques undertaken by the garage concerned.   

Stuart Pudney, head of North Yorkshire's trading standards service said: “We regularly analyse the performance of various trade sectors to highlight consumer concerns.  The surprising fact that has come out of this analysis is the extremely high level of complaints that we receive from North Yorkshire residents about garages outside of the county. 

"The message which appears to be clear from this statistic is that you are likely to have less problems if you buy from local dealers within North Yorkshire.  Bargains which may appear to be attractive at first sight can turn into nightmares for consumers if things go wrong and the garage concerned does not deal with the consumer’s complaint appropriately.”  

Councillor John Dennis, who has executive responsibility for the trading standards service, said: “If any consumers are having difficulties resolving a problem they have had with a garage they are advised to contact the trading standards service which has a dedicated team of consumer advisers. 

"They will be given advice on how to deal with their problem and, in addition, the information will be used to help target the enforcement work of the trading standards service."

For anybody thinking of buying a car there are a number of important steps to take which are all detailed in a guide available from the trading standards service on 01609-780780.


Contact: Richard Flinton on 01609-766400

Executive member: Councillor John Dennis (Con) 01609-883349

Group spokespeople: Councillor Mrs Caroline Seymour (Lib-Dem) 01642-710382; Councillor Steve Shaw-Wright (Lab) 01757-708849.