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Cumbria County Council



Cumbria Trading Standards receive hundreds of enquiries each year about unwanted or faulty gifts.

This 12 point guide will help ensure that the Christmas gift you receive isn’t a disappointment.


Cumbria County Councillor  Jack Richardson, Community Safety Spokesperson, said  “So much money is spent on Christmas gifts, that it really does make sense for people to know their consumer rights.  It’s interesting to note that, providing they have proof of purchase,  the receiver of faulty goods can now return them to the shop”.


Notes for Editors:

1.         The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 took effect on 11 November 1999.  One of its effects is that faulty goods can now be returned to the seller by either the buyer or receiver of the goods.  Previously it was the buyer, with whom the shop had a contract, who had to return them.

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