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Northumbria County Council


NORTHUMBERLAND County Council Trading Standards Department today warns residents to be wary of a pyramid trading scheme being posted to addresses throughout the county.

One letter that a Northumberland resident received asked householders to send £10 to a name on a given list, make 200 copies of the letter they have received and then forward them to 200 names and addresses the consumer chooses at random, thereby spreading further the pyramid scheme.

They boast that by only spending £87, residents can make up to £41,000 at a time.

Mick King, County Trading Standards Officer for Northumberland, said: “If you receive any such letters, I would warn people to be very careful and not send any money.  If you do, there will only be one winner and it won’t be you.

“These schemes are very often too good to be true, and by sending copies of the letter to other householders only means that more will be taken in by  these schemes. 

“My advice is to keep your money in your pocket and throw any such letters away.”


Further information is available from:

Nic Outterside, Press Officer, Northumberland County Council

Tel: 01670 534251


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