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West Yorkshire’s Trading Standards Service is urging consumers to be on their guard, when visiting second hand shops and flea markets in the West Yorkshire area.  Recent visits by Trading Standards Officers to businesses selling second hand items have revealed a number of unsafe items being offered for sale.   One of the worst examples was an electric fire which had the inner core wiring exposed in several places.  The fire, if used, could be lethal.  The gaps in the guard were sufficiently large to allow children to touch the electric elements. 

Martin Wood, West Yorkshire’s Chief Trading Standards Officer, said: “Improving the safety of second hand goods sold in West Yorkshire is one of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service’s key objectives.  Second hand goods are often bought by those with less money to spare.  This Service acts to ensure that all goods whether new, or  second hand, are safe.  Traders are advised to have second hand appliances tested before they are put on sale.” 

Cllr Graham Clark, Chair of West Yorkshire Joint Services Committee added, “Although it is the trader’s responsibility to ensure that second hand goods are safe, I would also urge consumers to visually inspect any second hand items before purchase. If in any doubt, don’t buy.”

When buying second hand electrical appliances, West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service advise that consumers check the quality of leads and plugs.  There should be no exposed inner core wire and the cord grips on plugs should secure the lead firmly.  Also, the two lower pins on plugs should always be sheathed.

With electric fires it is important that the guard prevents the elements from being touched. 

If consumers have any doubts about the quality or safety of second hand goods offered for sale in West Yorkshire, they should contact the West Yorkshire Consumer Helpline  0113 3848488.


For further information please contact

Tony Downham,  Principal Trading Standards Officer (Safety) Tel: 0113 289 8247

Graham Hebblethwaite Divisional Manager/ General Media Contact Tel: 0113 289 8218