Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service



West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service is warning against the potential danger of Christmas candle decorations leading up to the festive period.  Safety tests carried out by the Service have raised particular concerns over Christmas Candle Ring Decorations, which are the type of decorations traditionally used with a lighted candle in the centre and often form the focal point of the Christmas day setting.

Unfortunately many of them are covered in brightly coloured glitter and lacquer, which presents a fire hazard when they also include candles that are likely to be lit.

Nearly half of the Christmas candle decorations tested were unsafe - they ignited and completely disintegrated. The rest of them did not ignite but did show evidence of charring. Although some of the decorations did bear warnings that they should be not left unattended this was not so in every case and two of the decorations which were totally consumed were supplied without any warnings.

The importers of the candle rings, which are regarded as a risk are being contacted and steps taken to withdraw the unsafe items from sale.

During the festive season, in a relaxed atmosphere it is all too easy, after having a few glasses of beer or wine, to forget about the candle burning away in a table decoration and in doing so create a potential fire risk.  West Yorkshire Trading Standards would like to warn the public to be extra vigilant to ensure the lighted candle does not burn down and come into contact with the decoration.

Martin Wood Chief Officer of West Yorkshire Trading Standards said,

I would urge the public to heed ALL warnings on these type of goods and in particular never to leave the burning candles unattended.

Councillor Graham Clarke, Chairman of the Trading Standards Committee added.

I would recommend that everyone takes extra special care this Christmas with these type of decorations. It is very easy for us all to become forgetful during the busy Christmas season and in doing so put our homes and families at risk.


For further information contact:

Susan Jenkins: Enforcement Officer: 0113 2898256

Paul Cooper: Divisional Manager: 0113 2898240

Graham Hebblethwaite: Divisional Manager &General Media Contact: 0113 2898218