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Northumberland County Council



A CONSIGNMENT of dangerous mini cup jelly sweets discovered in a warehouse in Northumberland by Trading Standards Officers has been safely destroyed and buried at a local landfill site.

The fruit jelly-like sweets were the subject of a recent Food Hazard Warning following a number of deaths from choking by children around the world.

Legislation has subsequently been passed banning the sale of mini cup jelly like sweets which contain an ingredient called Konjac.

Mick King, County Trading Standards Officer for Northumberland County Council said: “Prompt action by my officers, together with the co-operation of traders, has prevented a potential tragedy in Northumberland”.


Notes for Editors:


1. The mini cup jelly sweets are about the size of a coffee creamer with a peel off lid. They contain the ingredient Konjac (also known as konyac, konnuyaku, glucomannan, conjac and konjac gum) which is the binding agent. These products may become lodged in the throat and may be difficult to remove due to their size, shape, and consistency.


2. These sweets are traditionally manufactured in South East Asia.

Known brands are:

ABC Mini Fruit Bites

Fuji Coconut Flavor Jelly

Healthy Konnyacu Jelly

Jin Jin Konjac Coconut Mini Gel Snack

New Choice Mini Fruit gels

New Century’s Choice

Rolin Mango Jelly Cup

Troofy Gels


3. The Food (Jelly Confectionery) (Emergency Control) (England) Regulations 2002 came into force on 4th April 20002 and bans the sale of jelly confectionery containing Konjac.


4. A photograph of the sweets being disposed of is attached.


5. Further details are available from Trading Standards Officers Judith Shewan Tel: 01670 534589, or Jim Rutter Tel: 01670 534579.


Further information is also available from:

Nic Outterside, Press Officer, Northumberland County Council

Tel: 01670 534251