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Trading Standards Institute Call For Ban On Doorstep Cold Callers

TSI National survey shows 95% of consumers surveyed say NO to cold callers

23 April 2003, Essex: The Trading Standards Institute (TSI) is today calling for a ban on the doorstep cold calling of property repairs, maintenance and improvements after receiving an overwhelming response from angry consumers, following a major national survey.

The national survey was launched in November last year during the TSI National Consumer Week and nearly 9,000 randomly selected householders reported back. 95.7% said that they did not want doorstep sellers calling. Only 0.1% said that they actually welcomed such calls.

The survey showed a high level of cold calling - 61.5% of consumers said that they had received a cold call in the previous 3 months and as many as 25% indicated that they have had a bad experience with a cold calling doorstep seller in the past two years.

Of particular concern was that only one in six consumers ever reported it to the authorities.

The highest levels of problems were in relation to energy sellers (gas and electric) and the property repair, maintenance and improvements. 5.6% of respondents said they had had a bad experience with energy sellers and 9.7% with property repairs.

If these figures were representative throughout the UK, this would mean that 1.4 million people would have had problems with energy sellers and 2.4 million with property repair callers.

In a follow-up report by the Trading Standards Institute, the particular problems relating to the doorstep cold calling of property services are highlighted, such as elderly people being duped into losing their life savings and intimidation by aggressive and unremorseful rogues.

Ron Gainsford, Chief Executive of the Trading Standards Institute said “Up and down the country householders have been ripped off for large amounts of money by unscrupulous criminals passing themselves off as roofers, gardeners and property improvement businesses. Often using false names and addresses they leave distressed, bewildered and frightened people with little or no chance of redress.

“With the rising aged population and increased home ownership, this is an area long overdue for strict legal control. The public, honest businesses and enforcement authorities are unanimous in their view that it is time to take firm action and ban the cold calling of property repairs, maintenance and improvements.”

Ann Robinson, Chair of the energy regulator Energywatch says “The TSI survey highlights the distress that cold calling causes and we urge any consumer who has had a bad experience with a energy sales representative to contact Energywatch.“

It is often argued that doorstep callers can provide a valuable service, but when consumers were asked if they could think of any value which cold calling sales people brought to themselves or householders in general - 96.2% said no and this was the case irrespective of the age group.

The Trading Standards Institute will be working closely with the OFT, Energywatch and other regulatory agencies to try and improve the situation.

Brian Steele, Ex Chief Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police has been brought on board as a consultant to the Trading Standards Services on Doorstep Crime / Selling and will be calling for the ban on the doorstep cold calling of property repairs, maintenance and improvements at the upcoming TSI Annual Conference in Edinburgh.

Ron Gainsford added, “Reports, leaflets and codes of practice are all positive means of educating consumers, but if we are to protect the vulnerable elderly person from the professional experienced conman we need firm action and that is why we are calling for a outright ban on property repairs, maintenance and improvements cold calling.”

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is currently investigating doorstep selling under the new Enterprise Act 2002 and a report is expected by the end of the year. This will look at all aspects of the industry and report on areas where new controls may be required.

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1. Durham County Council
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5. Gloucestershire CC
6. Cumbria CC
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8. East Riding of Yorkshire
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