Issued By
Cumbria County Council


Householders are asked to check food stocks at home to ensure that they havenít any of the items listed below. The Food Standards Agency have identified various meat preparations produced by Khan Quality Foods as containing Sudan 1, an illegal dye and potential cancer-causing chemical.

KQF Fiesta Chicken Sausage
KQF Fiesta Lamb Sausage
KQF Fiesta Beef Sausage
KQF Spicy Chicken Lollies
KQF Spicy Beef Lollies
KQF Spicy Lamb Lollies
KQF Spicy Lamb Kofta
KQF Spicy Chicken Kofta
Mr Spicy Chicken Kebabs
Mr Spicy Lamb Kebabs

Only products with Best Before Dates between, and including, 01/06/04 and 25/09/04 are affected. No other Khan Quality Foods products are known to be affected.

All the above products are either packed in white polystyrene trays overwrapped with clear plastic, and a label applied to the surface, OR a plastic bag, heat-sealed at either end, with the product description on the front.

The company has undertaken a trade withdrawal, effective from 25 September 2023 of all the affected products. However, if consumers find one of these products at home, they are advised to destroy them.

Notes for Editors:

1. More information about this press release can be obtained from Eamonn Quinn (01229 894522) or
Pat Thomas (01539 773591) at Cumbria Trading Standards, or by visiting the Food Standards Agency website at

2. Sudan 1 is not a permitted food colour, and is believed to be a genotoxic carcinogen and its presence, at any level, is not allowed in any foodstuffs.