Issued By
North Yorkshire
County Council



A survey by North Yorkshire County Council trading standards officers has resulted in a number of North Yorkshire licensees being reported for prosecution for short measure.

The survey involved test purchases of spirits in public houses and bars throughout the county. Of the 31 licensed premises visited, officers were sold short measures of spirits in 24 cases. The largest deficiency was one of 26% for whisky drink at a public house in Scarborough.

In that case each drink was being overcharged by 52p.

Stuart Pudney, head of trading standards and regulatory services for North Yorkshire County Council said: ďAll licensees know that it is an offence to sell short measure and this survey highlighted the lack of training which many licensees are giving to their bar staff.

"The short measures found were largely due to a failure by staff to use measuring equipment properly. Many of the deficient drinks were dispensed from 'thimble measures', which should legally be used in full view of the customer. This requirement was widely disregarded by bar staff and drinks were measured in such a way that the customer could not see what was being dispensed.

"Many pubs have moved away from 'optic' type measures to using thimble measures but these must be used with care if the correct measure is to be given. With many pubs charging approx. £2 for a 25ml measure even a small shortage will result in a significant extra profit to the pub at the expense of the public."

Anyone who feels that they are being short measured in public houses should report the matter to trading standards on 01609 780780. Licensees who are unsure of the law relating to the sales of drinks can also obtain advice on the same telephone number.


Contact: Derek Smith on 01423-530199