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County Council Warns of Illegal Food

THE Food Standards Agency has warned that a number of foods sold in the UK have been contaminated. The foods in question are:

1) Venison Products Contaminated with the drugs Immobilon and Revivon

Sillfield Farm Products, Kendal, Cumbria has used potentially contaminated venison in the manufacture of three different products. These are: pheasant and venison sausages, venison and pork sausages and cooked game pie.

The sausages are sold in polystyrene trays and over-wrapped with clear plastic, in 450g portions and the 1.5 lb cooked games pies are sold unwrapped.

These products have been on sale from a number of UK locations since 11 August 2003, including farmers markets and county shows.

All venison products sold after 16 October 2023 are unaffected.

2) Mutti SPA Brand Sugo Piu Peperoncino Sauce contaminated with illegal food dye Sudan 1
The sauce is in a clear glass jar with a green screw top cap. The paper label is attached to the bottom half of the jar, displaying the brand name, sauce description and an image of a tomato surrounded by chilli peppers.

The 290g jars bear the batch code ‘Best Before 31/12/04’ and no other Mutti SPA products are known to be affected.

Sudan 1 is a chemical which could cause cancer if the products are consumed regularly and over a long period of time.

Mick King, County Trading Standards Officer, Northumberland County Council said: “Our first priority is to get these products off the market and to protect public health. Anyone who has one of these contaminated products should either throw it away, or return it and request a refund from the seller. Retailers should not sell them and manufacturers or caterers should not use them as ingredients of meals.”

The above products have now been withdrawn from sale but people may still have them in their cupboards and freezers.

Product details can be found on the Food Standards Agency website:

For further information please contact: Trading Standards Department
Loansdean, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2AP, Tel:01670 534585

Further information is available from:
Nicola Sleightholme, Public Relations Assistant, Northumberland County Council
Tel: 01670 533252
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