Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service

Counterfeiters Beware

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service today issued a warning to anybody considering making money from selling counterfeit items. In the run up to Christmas it seems more and more counterfeit goods appear on sale to the public. Officers at the Morley based service intend to come down hard on the producers and sellers of counterfeit goods as part of a crack down on counterfeiting.

Last week saw officers from West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service and the Police join forces to raid a lock up in Bradford, following an investigation into activities in that area. This resulted in the largest seizure of counterfeit clothing seen in West Yorkshire in the last five years.

Items of clothing seized by officers included branded names such as Henry Lloyd, Dolce & Gabbana and counterfeit football shirts of clubs Leeds and Manchester United and England. The clothing seized is estimated to have a street value of £800,000.

Counterfeit goods are a deliberate attempt to deceive consumers. They are usually copies of well known brands with the producers prepared to cut every corner to maximise their profit. This can be at the expense of quality and safety. Consumers ultimately lose out with a poorer quality product and little scope for redress should a problem arise.

Counterfeiters are a part of the “black market”, avoiding taxes, business rates and VAT. The Bradford operation has also reinforced the concern that those trading in counterfeit goods are often tied up in further criminal activities. Drugs and stolen items were found in the same lock up and were also seized. Investigations about those involved are continuing.

Martin Wood, Chief Officer West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, said “The sale of counterfeit goods has a negative impact on the local economy and we will continue to work with the Police to remove such items from sale.”

Councillor Clarke, Chairman West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, added “Consumers should be aware that counterfeiters have no regard for our safety or value for money; their only concern is deceiving the public to make a profit. I am pleased that this recent operation has been a success and officers will continue in their efforts to remove counterfeit goods from the marketplace.”

For further information contact:
Paul Smith, Principal Officer, 0113 289 8219
Carol Hallett, General Media Contact 0113 383 6431

Notes to editors:
Counterfeit goods available for photograph