Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service

Dangerous Henna

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service today issues a warning about a “Neo Frost” henna printing block kit. A complaint was received to the Helpline from a West Yorkshire resident who felt a burning sensation on her skin when using the kit and was scarred when the henna was removed.

The kit contains three wooden block stamps and a glass bottle containing a dark brown liquid. The barcode is 80025 75540.

When Trading Standards Officers examined the kit they discovered that there were no safety warnings on the kit and this particular henna dye did not comply with the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 1996. It did not contain an ingredients list or any relevant information about the active ingredients of the product.

West Yorkshire Analytical Services tested the product and it was discovered that the brown liquid contained phenol at a concentration of 76% by weight. Phenol is a toxic chemical, which, if ingested, may cause extensive local corrosion, nausea, vomiting, respiratory and circularity failure and death. It is not generally permitted for use in cosmetics.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service have written to all traders who sell Henna type products to advise them to remove the Henna Kits from the shelves to ensure that consumers are not put at risk. The retailer concerned has posted recall notices in his stores.

Martin Wood, Chief Trading Standards Officer said, “The fact that the product contained phenol, had no ingredients list and no instructions for use gives me great cause for concern. Anyone who has bought this product should take it back to the shop they bought it from. Retailers should remove the product from sale immediately and return the stock to their suppliers. Before consumers buy any henna products, they should check for an ingredient list”.

Councillor Graham Clarke, Chairman of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service added “ I would like to appeal, via the media, for members of the public to be very wary when buying henna products. Anyone with concerns about any product on sale should contact the Consumer Helpline on 0113 3848848”

For further information please contact

Carol Hallett: General Media Contact 0113 3836407
Tony Downham: Principal Officer (Safety Department) 0113 2898247
Susan Jenkins: Enforcement Officer: 0113 2898256