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West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service

House Raid in Leeds

A joint operation between West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service and Police has resulted in the seizure of counterfeit goods with an estimated street value of £2 million. It is being hailed as a success resulting in the closure of one of the largest pirate factories encountered to date in the UK.
Officers raided a house in North Leeds after undercover investigations with British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) revealed the residents were producing counterfeit music and film.

Tens of thousands of DVDs, CDs and MP3s were seized as was the equipment being used to produce the copies. This included 19 re writers that were in action and made the house seem more like a factory than a residential dwelling. The copying equipment seized was thought to value approximately £15,000. 2 people were arrested for infringing S92 of the Trade Mark Act 1994.

Martin Wood, Chief Officer West Yorkshire Joint Services, said “Counterfeiting is detrimental to the local economy and to the livelihood of honest traders. The seizure of such items promotes a fair marketplace for buyer and seller alike in West Yorkshire.”

PC Bischombe from Chapeltown Police said “This is another example of Trading Standards, BPI, FACT and the Police working in partnership to combat crime and protect our consumers. This is an on-going operation which has been very successful.”

Dave Martin, BPI, said “This operation which has successfully closed down two illegal music and film factories producing vast quantities of pirated CDs and DVDs will happily result in the music industry and local retailers saving jobs and will reduce the amount of pirated product being available for sale in the run up to Christmas.”

Jim Angel, FACT, said “I am pleased that this multi agency operation has resulted in the removal of these counterfeit goods that would otherwise have been on sale to the public this Christmas”

For further information contact:

Paul Smith, Principal Officer, 0113 289 8219
Carol Hallett, General Media Contact, 0113 383 6431

Notes to editors:

1 Photographs of the counterfeit items can be arranged on request