Issued By
West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service


West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service and local Environmental Health Departments are warning the public not to consume a brand of wine, which has been sold in Lidl UK’s supermarkets - Australian Creston Bay Brand Cabernet Shiraz 2002. The product contains a high level of sulphur dioxide and has now been withdrawn by the company.

Sulphur dioxide is used widely as a preservative in foodstuffs within controlled limits. However the level found in Lidl’s Australian Creston Bay Brand presents a health risk for asthmatics with an allergy to sulphur dioxide. Ingestion could trigger an asthmatic reaction.

Consumers who have purchased wine at any of Lidl’s eight West Yorkshire stores are therefore urged to check any unconsumed bottles. Only the 2002 Creston Bay Cabernet Shiraz is affected. Pictures of the wine are available on the Food Standards Agency website to assist identification. Anyone who finds the product should return it to their local Lidl store or destroy it.

Martin Wood, Chief Officer West Yorkshire Joint Services: “Excess levels of preservative in foodstuffs are both undesirable and illegal as they can present a health risk to allergy sufferers. Although Lidl have withdrawn this product from their stores, this Service urges the company’s customers to check that they are not exposed to risk from product already purchased.”

If consumers do have any concerns, they should contact the Consumer Helpline on 01133 848 848.

For further information contact:

Carol Hallet General Media Contact 0113 383 6407
Graham Hebblethwaite Divisional Manager 0113 289 8218
Andrew Bibby Principal Officer 0113 289 8237
Steven Kaye Principal Officer 0113 289 8229