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West Yorkshire Trading
Standards Service


West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service is once again joining forces with the Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health Departments to advise children not to buy or eat certain brands of mini cup fruit jellies that have been linked to the deaths of a number of children worldwide from choking. Due to the potential choking hazard posed by jelly confectionery containing Konjac, such products were banned in the UK in April 2002. Despite previous food hazard warnings, further concerns have been highlighted after it has been found that more of these sweets have been imported into the country. The products concerned are:
ABC Mini Fruit Bites in assorted flavours
These mini-cup jelly products are sold individually in dome shaped plastic cups about the size of a coffee creamer with a rounded edge or from 1kg plastic jars. Konjac is listed in the ingredients list on the reverse of the jar.
Cocode Nut Jellies in 408g bags in assorted flavours
These jellies are retailed in 408g bags in the following flavours: mango, taro, longan and guei ling gau. It should be noted that the brand name is not in English. Konjac is listed in the ingredients list on the reverse of the bag.
Both of these products were manufactured by Tsang Lin Industries Ltd, No 20 Industrial Park, 35th Road, Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C. Konjac is listed in the ingredients lists of these products.

Trading Standards and Environmental Health Officers will be making visits to premises throughout West Yorkshire that might stock these products to check that no similar items are found.

Martin Wood, West Yorkshire’s Chief Trading Standards Officer said,

“I would urge all retailers to check their stock and withdraw these products from sale. Parents and children need to be alert to the potential choking hazards and not purchase them. If anyone knows where these products are currently on sale, I would urge them to telephone the Consumer Helpline on 01133 848 848”.

Photographs of the various products can be found on the FSA website at:

For further information please contact :
Steven Kaye, Principal Officer Tel: 0113 289 8229
Andrew Bibby, Principal Officer Tel: 0113 289 8229
Carol Hallet, General Media Contact Tel. 0113 383 6407