North of England Trading Standards Group :


The North of England Trading Standards Group comprises of the following authorities:

  • Cumbria County Council

  • Durham County Council

  • Lancashire County Council

  • West Yorkshire Joint Services

The head of the Trading Standards Service for each of the authorities will make up the Chief Officers’ Group.  Substitutes will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of the chair of the meeting.  

Group Aims and Objectives

  • The Group shares a common goal to deter all forms of unfair trade and anti-competitive behaviour by:

  • Raising consumer knowledge, confidence and awareness and in particular helping people in need

  • Encouraging economic development by working with businesses, providing support and advice

  • Administration of legislation which contributes to health and safety of individuals and the sustainability of local communities and the protection of the environment

  • Working with local people, businesses and communities and listening to their needs

  • Promotion of a fair market place by advice and enforcement

  • Seeking new or improved contacts to protect health, safety and economic wellbeing.

  • Member authorities recognise the benefits of working together to achieve these aims and undertake to:

  • Share specialist knowledge, expertise, resources, information and intelligence

  • Work towards uniformity in all areas of our work whilst recognising the diversity of local communities

  • Encourage innovation

  • Deliver best value in all that we do.

The Group will encourage and build partnerships with other enforcement agencies to ensure robust application of the rules that protect consumers and businesses from unfair trading and thereby contribute to our community’s wellbeing.

The Group will be directed by the following objectives which reflect the corporate objectives of member authorities

  • build and re-generate a strong, successful and vibrant economy

  • Develop lifelong learning

  • Improve the safety and quality of people’s lives by the promotion of safe, healthy and sustainable communities

  • work towards an inclusive society by supporting vulnerable people, reducing disadvantage and helping those in need

  • improve how we work and provide “best value” services which people want

  • protect and sustain the environment.


The Heads of Service of the constituent authorities Trading Standards Services will make up the Chief Officers’ Group.  The group will meet once a quarter rotating the venue between constituent authorities.  The host authority will provide the chairman for that meeting. 

There will be established groups/panels of officers, nominated by each constituent authority and also designated specialists which, under the direction of the Chief Officers’ Group, will undertake studies, projects and other such activities to support the Group’s aims and objectives. 

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