Have you ever been tempted by a text message offer for you to subscribe to receive ringtones, logos, wallpapers or news alerts.

Beware! If you do decide to subscribe to any of these type of services you may be sent a number of text messages that will be charged to your phone at premium rate. This may cost you up to 1.50 per message.

If you have subscribed to one of these services then all you need to do to unsubscribe is text the word "stop" to the code you used to subscibe and the messages will stop coming to your phone.

You may also see other offers advertised on the internet. Watch out for the websites offering a free ringtone in exchange for submitting your phone number online. Some companies fail to tell you that as a result of your ringtone request you may also be signing up to receive a number of other ringtones at a cost to you.