Survey - The Way Ahead (Business)

Is Your business based in West Yorkshire ?
Yes No

Prior to today, were you aware of the services provided by Trading Standards?
Yes No

Have you at anytime in the past had reason to contact Trading Standards?
Yes No

If you answered yes to the previous question please answer questions A to H below (Choose one box on each line)

A. How would you rate the conduct of the Officer? e.g. was he/she approachable and friendly?
B. Did you fully understand the comments or advice given?
C. Was the information and advice given useful and explained sufficiently?
D. If you raised any specific issues, how well were these dealt with?
E. Are you better equipped to deal with future problems?
F. Was the complaint managed in a competent and timely manner?
G. Did the advisor appear to work diligently?
H. Were you kept informed of all developments?

What do you consider to be the most convenient way of obtaining advice from Trading Standards?
Letter  Telephone  E-mail  Personal Call  Information Pack

Please indicate, in the appropriate box, how high a priority you give each of the following (Choose one box on each line)

Food (ensuring food is labelled correctly, is safe and meets legal quality standards)
Preventing Under-age Sales (cigarettes, alcohol, solvents, lottery tickets, fireworks etc.)
Safety of Consumer Goods (toys, electrical goods, furniture etc.)
Investigating complaints about cowboy builders
Dealing with rogue traders
Investigating problems with vehicle repairs/ servicing
Weights and measures of food, fuel etc.
Stopping counterfeiting (illegal copying of videos, CDs, clothing, computer software etc.)
Weight checks of commercial vehicles
Preventing misleading pricing of goods and services
Consumer credit (combatting loan sharking, checking credit adverts)
Enforcement Policy. A copy is available here. How do you rate it? If you feel it can be developed, Please add your comments below.

Have you any other relevant comments you wish to make? If so please use the text box below